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The Native Shift
Deborah Sandoval Native Guide

Welcome to The Native Shift

Start Dream Planting Your Life on Purpose!

What is The Native Shift?

It's an online Calmecac (learning academy) with a Calpulli- Pueblo (community) where we gather in "Sacred Circle" dedicated to promoting ancestral practices combined with modern day wellness in mind, body, spirit and nutrition practices.  Supporting, Empowering and Connecting with other intuitive womxn from all walks of life looking to create a real "Shift" in their life, their family, and the collective. The focus is to help you find the Medicine within You to help you start SHIFTING your life from the inside out. Dream Planting Your Life on Purpose.

Why You Should Join Our Pueblo?

Shift Your Life

Learn to manifest, empower yourself, strengthen your body, live healthier, and create more joy.  

Well first it's FREE to join our Pueblo! In our private online community you will have access to so many blessings of wellness, health, healing, manifesting and empowerment tools to help you keep shifting your life one day at a time. If you are looking for more shifting in your life you will have the opportunity to access one our courses, workshops, or special events to help you dive deeper.

Here are just some of the topics we cover in our online community that you will have access to when you join. 

  • Learning to make small daily shifts to impact your life
  • Embodiment practices to empower your day and night
  • The Daily Ancient Potential & Reflection of the Day
  • Native Toltec-Mexihka Card Pulls
  • Living With Intent & Purpose
  • Meal Planning and Healthy Hacks 
  • Detoxing and Cleansing Your Life  
  • Movement & Workouts 
  • Using Nature as Therapy
  • Dream Journaling for Success
  • Igniting your "Totonalcayos" (chakras)
  • Native inspired recipes and healthy habits
  • Plant and herbal medicine for health
  • Accountability to stay on track
  • Commanding the Movement of the Day & Night
  • Meditations & Breath-work
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Networking & Support  from our Calpulli - Pueblo
  • Expert Speakers, Mentors, Curandera(o)s and Medicine Carriers Spotlight
  • Embodiment Women's Circle Series**
  • Manifesting with the Moon**
  • Health, Embodiment and Fitness Challenges**
  • Medicine Wheel Lifestyle Practice Series**
  • Toltec Dream Warrior Practices of Dream Planting**
  • Health & Wellness Coaching**
  • Special Events and Workshops**

 **some services, courses, workshops, products and women's circles may require additional fees.

Welcome to The Pueblo!

I want to welcome you amiga, take a look around our Pueblo (community) it's free. See if we are of the same vibe. Here we support each other, encourage and give back to each other so that we can all embrace a better life for ourselves and our future generations. I welcome you to The Native Shift and I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

Don't forget to share our community with your fellow sisters so they can enjoy all the benefits of our Pueblo too.

Meet The Founder

I Am Deborah Sandoval

A Native Health & Dream Guide. My ancestors are the Tewa Pueblo people of New Mexico and the native people of Mexico where I was born. I am a Lifestyle & Health Coach, Reiki & Energy Practitioner, Fitness Nutrition Coach, entrepreneur, teacher, Medicine Carrier, and a lover of Mother Earth and all that she gives us. I refer to myself as the "Awoken Curandera" as I evolved over the years so has my practice.  Through it all I have found pieces to my purpose through my life experiences, education and the teachings from my elders and my maestros/maestras (teachers). I have been a entrepreneur all my adult life and started my practice as a "Sobadora" (therapeutic massage therapist) in the early 90s. I started training women in 2005 in health and fitness through my award winning outdoor fitness boot camp and nutritional consulting. I have practiced healthy living, empowerment, self-development, indigenous living, fitness, goal setting, dream planting, manifesting meditation, and the native practices from my lineages for most of my life.

I love sharing and teaching. My practice addresses wellness as a whole, creating a holistic approach to living a healthy happy lifestyle. I am excited to build my practice and help heal the world one body and soul at a time. To find out more about me click here Deborah Sandoval

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