The Native Shift
Deborah Sandoval Native Health Guide

The Native Shift

Deborah Sandoval Native Health Guide

Welcome to The Native Shift

Embody a Native Holistic Lifestyle in Mind, Body, Spirit & Health

What is The Native Shift?

It's a FREE to join our Pueblo (community) of liked minded, intuitive, women looking to create a real "Shift" in their life and the life of others. The focus is to help you Conquer Your Sacred Temple - creating your Dream Life on purpose by creating harmony in mind, body, spirit and nutritional practices. You will learn to defend your temple when outside forces surrounding you are trying to bring you down and causing adverse effects on your thoughts and body. When you establish order in these areas of life by small daily habit changing shifts, it will not only bring growth in spiritually but physically, your body will thrive in strength and clarity.

Sacred Wellness ~ more strength, energy, confidence, clarity and peace.

Why You Should Join Our Pueblo?

You Crave something Different -> Living an Embodied Sacred Life
Keeping harmony within our lives is often difficult as we move quickly through each day. Trying to stay balanced becomes especially difficult during these trying times within our communities, our environment and our family life. It can cause lots of uncertainty, anxiety and stress that can lead to the breakdown within our immune systems which are essential for our bodies to thrive mentally and physically. As we move through this "SHIFT" that is currently happening all around the world we have to stay strong in mind, body and spirit. I'm here to coach, motivate and guide the collective to live a healthier happier life one body and soul at a time. Joining our community is free and I invite you to help others by sharing our community with them so that they too can benefit from all that we have to share. 

Welcome to The Pueblo Sister!

I want to welcome you Sister and take a look around our Pueblo (community). See if we are a community that you and your loved ones can thrive from. Here we support each other, encourage and give back to each other so that we can all embrace a better life for ourselves and our future generations. I welcome you to The Native Shift Pueblo and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Don't forget to share our community with your fellow sisters so they can enjoy all the benefits of our Pueblo as well.

Meet The Founder

I Am Deborah Sandoval

A proud Latina-Native Holistic Life & Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Coach, entrepreneur, teacher, Medicine Carrier, Native Dream Guide, Curandera, Reiki Practitioner, Salvadora, mother and grandmother. I have been an entrepreneur all my life and started my own health coaching business for women over 15 years ago. I have practiced empowerment, self-development, healthy living, manifestation and the native practices of my ancestors all my life.

I love sharing my knowledge and my passion is teaching native indigenous wellness by creating an individual experience for each of my clients and students that addresses wellness as a whole, creating a holistic approach to living a healthy happy lifestyle.

Not only do I guide and coach people in fitness and nutrition I guide people through ancient practices of empowerment and manifesting of my ancestors. I am excited to build my practice and help heal the world one body and soul at a time.

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